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Hydraulic Hose Crimping


Today's hose and fittings technology must meet the constantly increasing challenges and requirements of modern machines and equipment in demading applications and arduous environments. To satisfy these needs, Ellora Group set up a crimping work-shop. We have a team of specialized hi-tech hydraulic crimping technicians, equipped with up-to-date technology tools. This in-house hydraulic service team makes high pressure hoses for all types of heavy equipments, fabrication of steel and nylon tubings, industrial hoses, A/C Hoses and power steering hose as per the client requirements.

On-site Mobile Hose Team

The team undertakes all hydraulics and pneumatic applications in construction, transport, forklift trucks, public works, machinery, agriculture vehicles etc. Round the clock on-site van services is ensured by a single call to our technician on his contact no: +974-33220606.